Meet Detroit — Where Warriors learn, work and play

To know Wayne State University, you have to know Detroit, our hometown and a vital part of our identity for more than 150 years. This is where students gain firsthand experience working with our partners in hospitals, law firms, corporate offices and theaters; become part of the city's resurgence through a number of community service opportunities; and enjoy the excitement of dining, playing and exploring one of the nation's great cities.

Put Detroit in the story

This page features a number of resources including videos, photos, text and links designed to help Wayne State's communicators talk about all the exciting opportunities awaiting Warriors in Detroit.


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Explore Detroit

From catching a game or concert in The District to grabbing a bite in Corktown, the neighborhoods surrounding Wayne State offer the best of city life for Warriors who want to venture beyond campus.

Enjoy Detroit's attractions

Just minutes from Wayne State's campus are numerous opportunities to take in some culture, see a show or expand your horizons.

Did you know?

For more than 300 years, Detroit has been one of the world's most exciting and influential cities. Here are some fun facts that showcase the city's unique and often lesser-known cultural and historic highlights.

  • The Detroit Riverwalk spans over three miles and features a variety of gardens, fountains, carousels and more. USA Today readers voted it the best riverwalk in the nation in both 2021 and 2022.
  • Belle Isle is the country's largest city island park, and one of the largest city parks in the nation at 982 acres, it's even larger than New York's Central Park.
  • Detroit is the birthplace of Vernors ginger ale, which was first produced in 1866 and is among the oldest sodas in the United States.
  • Despite lyrics to the contrary, there is no "south Detroit" that would actually be Windsor, Ontario, as Detroit is the only major U.S. city located north of Canada.
  • Detroit is the birthplace of Motown Records, founded by Berry Gordy Jr. in 1957. It's also where techno music originated and the home of what is believed to be one of the world's first punk bands.
  • From Beverly Hills Cop and Transformers to 8 Mile, numerous films and TV series have been filmed in Detroit in fact, portions of Steven Soderbergh's 2021 thriller No Sudden Move were filmed in Wayne State's Maccabees building.
  • Many common aspects of city life got their start here: Detroit was the first city in the nation to assign private phone numbers and home of both the first four-way traffic light and the first mile-long stretch of paved highway in the United States. 
  • With more than 40,000 commuters, tourists and truck drivers carrying $323 million worth of goods across each day, the Detroit-Windsor border is the busiest international crossing in North America. And at 7,500 feet long, the Ambassador Bridge is the longest international suspension bridge in the world.
  • In 1922, the Detroit Institute of Arts purchased Vincent van Gogh's "Self-Portrait," becoming the first institution in the United States to purchase one of the artist's works.
  • A salt mine operates 1,200 feet beneath Detroit's surface, covering more than 1,500 acres and featuring more than 100 miles of underground roads.