• What is the easiest way to request help from Web Services?

    Please contact us at medweb@wayne.edu and someone from our team will be able to assist you. For all new website redesign requests, please use the Web Project Request form. Include details on your project and how we can help, and we will contact you as soon as we can.

  • Can you help me with building a new website or redeveloping an existing site?

    The Web Services team specializes in web maintenance/basic design, web development, and content management. Departments are always welcome to contact us concerning their current and future web needs.

  • How long does it take to design a website?

    The process of the development and design of websites varies. Smaller sites with minimal content can be built in a shorter time span than it will take for more complex sites. We will need to meet with you to go over the anticipated outcome of a site to better project a timeline. To do this, please contact Web Services.

  • How do I publish content/information on the School of Medicine website?

    This depends on what you actually want to publish. General material can be published via department sites, unit sites and the SOM homepage depending on the nature and audience for the information. Teaching material should be published through Canvas. Please contact the helpdesk@wayne.edu for more information.

  • How do I request an update, change or deletion to information already published on a website?

    Many departments and units at the School of Medicine have individual members of staff who are trained to maintain their own areas of the website. Our team will let you know who your representative is or will undertake the work for you if no such person has yet been trained.

    The head of your department can assign a member of staff to take over the responsibility of the maintenance of your site. As a short-term solution, you can contact us and we can make the changes needed until someone is identified in your department to handle the ongoing maintenance for your site.

  • What is the WSU Content Management System (CMS)?

    The WSU Content Management System (CMS) is a tool that has been built in-house, at the university, to provide the functionality needed to both create and maintain websites throughout the university. The School of Medicine utilizes this tool, which is a user-friendly browser-based tool for creating and managing websites. For further information on the CMS and how to transition your site into this system, please contact us.

  • I have never maintained a website/pages before. What training is available?

    We offer training on our Content Management System. The CMS contains an easy-to-use interface, which does not require specialist software or web-authoring expertise. Training on the system will need to be undertaken before anyone is given access to create and maintain web pages stored in the CMS. Schedule a training session today

  • Can I have a different design for my website/pages?

    As a large, successful entity of a higher education institution, it is important that the School of Medicine website projects a coherent, professional image and allows users to access information quickly without becoming confused by changes in style and navigation, lending the visitor to have to verify that they are at the same institution. However, we strive to create some level of individual identity through the use of the elements on each site.

    We understand it is necessary to maintain the interest of the user, and so it's recommended that sections of the site adopt their own imagery to a degree to clearly brand their area of the SOM web presence without detriment to the functioning and navigation of the site. The Web Services unit will be able to advise further.

  • Are there any design guidelines that I should adhere to?

    Yes. Academic and administrative departments are required to adopt the brand identity for the School of Medicine. We can help you to better understand guidelines and discuss how to meet these requirements for branding.

  • Is it possible to add photo galleries, documents, and video to my web pages?

    Yes. The Web Services unit is constantly improving the toolset available to the School of Medicine allowing the inclusion of such interactive elements to some areas of the SOM's web presence. Our group works in cohesion with WSU Web team, utilizing the same tools – Flickr for hosting photo galleries, and YouTube for video spotlights. Contact us to discuss your requirements and we will be able to help you determine which functionality can best support your needs.

  • Can our department/unit have its own domain name?

    The School of Medicine has the domain of med.wayne.edu and therefore is able to create sub-domains making it easier for external audiences to identify a unit. We abide by the SOM web guidelines of using: www.yourunit.med.wayne.edu.

  • There is a photograph I want, but I do not have access to the image. How can I get it?

    Please contact us  and give as much detail about the image as you can (event, location, who is in the photo, etc.) so that we can possibly be of assistance. If BioMedical Communications originally photographed an image you will need to contact them directly to obtain a copy. Their contact information is on the BioMedical Communications website.