Identity guidelines

Primary mark

 Wayne State University Logo

The Wayne State University W shield reinforces the strength and determination of a Wayne State Warrior, building on the legacy and energy of what was previously the Athletics mark. The logo incorporates an updated Wayne State University type artwork, giving a nod to our traditions while providing a more contemporary alternative. The graphic works well in small and large formats. This mark, or one of its variations, should be the first consideration when a Wayne State logo is used for external audiences.

Breakdown of mark




Wayne State logo - Stacked


Horizontal — with full name

Wayne State horizontal logo

To be used when space constraints present an issue (examples include exterior signage and/or website headers).



Reversed logo

To be used on a dark background such as the Wayne State green (PMS 561). The reverse option is limited to white.    



One color logo

Can be used in the Wayne State green (PMS 561) or black. All other one-color variations must be approved by WSU Marketing and Communications.

Schools and colleges

The goal of all Wayne State units should be to reflect a consistent identity and use the primary mark. However, in instances where a supporting unit needs to be identified, the specific unit can add its name in one of the following formats.


CFCPA horizontal logo

CFCPA Color logo stacked

CFCPA logo breakdown

Logos have been created for all of the schools and colleges of the university. They are available for download at


To create an official Wayne State University logo for your department/program, view the templates at under Department, program, unit.

This treatment is considered the official logo for all units (schools, colleges, programs, departments, student groups, etc.). Other graphics that exist outside of the standards in this document that are used as logos may not be supported by WSU Marketing and Communications.

Special marks

This is Wayne State's primary mark and should be used whenever possible.

Special marks

However, it is recognized that within some platforms, the full mark as it is shown is not possible (examples might include merchandise or signage). Often, the mark is used within a Wayne State University experience (examples include on-campus displays and digital platforms). Special mark variations are provided to meet this variety of needs.


Shield-focused primary mark

To be used when the visual impact of the shield is critical due to size restraints.

Lightpole banner


Shield alone

To be used when it is unquestionably a Wayne State experience.

Facebook examples


  • The logo is artwork and not type. Do not attempt to recreate it.
  • Do not resize any of the elements.
  • Do not change the proportion of the logo.
  • Do not replace or redraw any of the elements.
  • Do not change the colors.
  • Do not place the logo on items that are distracting or difficult to read.
  • Do not use the use the logo elements separately (except where noted in the special marks section).
  • Do not add to the logo elements.
  • Do not pull elements from the logo to create new graphics.
  • Do not type "Wayne State University" — use the provided artwork only.
  • Do not stretch or reshape the logo.
  • Do not pixelate the logo.
  • Do not use the logo where it isn't clear and readable.
  • Do not use the logo on any merchandise without following university licensing guidelines.

Other Wayne State logos

Warrior W

3d Warrior logo

Solid green Warrior W

The W logos serve as iconic symbols and provide identification to Wayne State University upon a glance. These logos should maintain their iconic shape in all instances. Placement of them and the overall impression provided by their placement should be considered.


University seal

University seal

The university seal is used on official documentation and material for the Board of Governors or the Office of the President. Permission to use the seal must be obtained through WSU Marketing and Communications.

These logos should be used without modifications or additions. Any variations to the logos reflect directly on the overall reputation of Wayne State University and weakens our legal protection. If you have any questions regarding the use of Wayne State logos, contact Marketing and Communications at 313-577-8157 or visit



Green colorswatch
  • Pantone - 561 C
  • CMYK - 92 42 68 48
  • RGB - 12 84 73
  • HEX - #0C5449


Gold color swatch
  • Pantone - 1225 C
  • CMYK - 0 22 84 0
  • RGB - 255 204 51
  • HEX - #FFCC33

Wayne State University school colors are represented in print work as green (PMS 561) and gold (PMS 1225). There are no specific percentages of each color required for documents, but the takeaway should be an awareness of the school colors. Unofficially, black and white serve as supporting colors, primarily as the color of body copy.


Special projects

VIP audiences communicated to by the Office of the President, donors, the Board of Governors, government officials, etc., often require a more formal feel than the collegiate green and gold. In these special instances, metallic gold (PMS 871) and silver (PMS 877) can be used.

Gold color swatch Silver color swatch


Font family

WSU general fonts are from the Stone family. Stone provides flexibility that can be used in any application: body copy, headlines, letterhead, etc. You can download the Stone family fonts at

Fonts specific to the Warrior Strong campaign can be purchased at the following links:


Stone family font

Stone Sans examples Stone Serif Examples

Additional guidelines