Web Communications cost sheet

Hourly rates

  • $80 for Information architecture (UX)
  • $100 for Graphic design
  • $75 for Transition content
  • $90 for Frontend development
  • $115 for Backend development (custom work)
  • $80 for Content review and formatting
  • $50 for Project management
  • $85 for Document accessibility testing and remediation

Document accessibility testing and remediation

This service includes ensuring document conversion to PDF is accessible, creating fillable fields where needed, alt text and restructuring of content as needed. If you are interested in this, please email accessibility@wayne.edu and provide an estimate on the amount of PDFs needed*, along with an example of the type of work they will need. You will be quoted at a rate of $85/hour, with justification and rationale on the estimate for the time it will take to complete.

*A reasonable request for a project estimate would be 10-15 PDFs. The initial review process may include feedback on how to include the PDF information on your website instead of a PDF for search engine optimization (SEO) purposes and a plan to migrate that content on your website.

Specialized tasks (per hour)

  • Accessibility (required)
    • 10% for accessibility review and manual testing for non-core university business sites
    • 20% for accessibility training and manual testing for core university business sites
    • 30% for accessibility automated routine testing, training, and manual testing for primary university business sites
  • $90 for Image selection & editing
  • $100 for HTML e-mail programming
  • $70 for HTML e-mail template testing
  • $155 for Streaming event set up
    • $550 for on-site streaming event set up, testing, and teardown
  • $110 for Virtual event streaming services per hour
    • $145 rush events requested within two weeks
  • $145 for In-person streaming services per hour
    • $165 rush events requested within two weeks
  • $115 for Live video captioning per hour (passed through costs, provided by Ai Media)
  • $3 per video minute for post-production video captioning

Fixed cost projects

  • $825 for a Base website
  • $650 for an HTML newsletter
  • $550 for an Ad landing page
  • $750 for 32 hours of Maintenance for the year (invoiced January - December)

    A maintenance agreement is a pack of 32 hours for $750 which covers a calendar year. It is much cheaper than our hour hourly rate, $23 compared to $80+. But it allows us to have the staff on hand to do ~24-hour turnarounds on updates.

    It covers existing websites and we could package several sites into the same agreement to share hours. Menu changes and bug fixes do not count against maintenance time, those are always free.

    The agreement does not cover redesigns or an overhaul of the functionality. The agreement also pays for automated accessibility testing and reporting through Siteimprove. Any template upgrades to stay current with added functionality in the Base site will come out of the maintenance time.

    The alternative is to pay our normal hourly rate, which can add up if you plan on having a lot of updates throughout the year.