Filming checklist

Filming checklist

This list will give you a clear picture of each step needed to ensure that your shoot is put together in a complete and timely manner.

10 or more days before the shoot:

  • Check out our database of location photos.

Nine or more days before the shoot:

  • Set up an appointment to scout the areas you are interested in.
    • If you would like us to do a preliminary availability check of specific locations on your anticipated shoot date, contact:

      Arthur Lionas
      Director, media content
      Marketing & Communications

Eight or more days before the shoot:

  1. Fill out the application form.
    No area will be held until we have an application on file from you. Priority is based on the time of receipt of the application.
  2. Send the following to your WSU filming liaison:
    • A completed application form
    • A complete shooting script or storyboard.
      Scripts/storyboards must be approved by the Campus Filming Office before final approval can be given.
  3. Wait for a preliminary approval from the Filming Office 
    The approval process normally takes 1-3 business days. During this time, we will:
    • Check availability of the location(s) requested.
    • Put a preliminary hold on the areas and dates requested.
    • Review script for proper content.
    • Find out what parking is available near your location.
    • Ensure that personnel is available to work the shoot.

Seven or more days before the shoot:

  • Set up a tech scout (once you have been given preliminary approval).
    A minimum of 24 hours notice must be given to set up a time for this scout.

Tech Scout Checklist

  • Once the University has approved everything discussed during the tech scout, you will then be notified that your shoot has been approved.
  • Approval to film should not be assumed until you are given final verbal approval by a liaison from the Campus Filming Office.

Six or more days before the shoot:

  • An estimate of fees will be written up and faxed to you by your filming liaison.
    • This will give you a breakdown of fees to be incurred along with the dollar amount for your deposit check.

Four days before the shoot:

  • Submit a detailed timeline to your filming liaison.
    • Detail the arrival and departure times of every production vehicle coming onto campus as well as the estimated prep, shoot and wrap times of each location.

Three days before the shoot:

  • Your filming liaison will fax you our production contract for your review and signature.
    • If you need a blank copy to submit to your legal department, a sample contract is available on our forms page. We will not make any changes to a contract within 24 hours prior to a shoot.

One day before a shoot:

  • Please bring your filming liaison the following items:
    • Signed contract and addendum.
    • Deposit checks (amount on estimate of fees).
    • Insurance certificate.
    • Copy of municipal permits.
    • Fire and tent permits (if applicable).