WSU-recommended videographer/video editorial vendors

When in need of a videographer for an event or to produce video content to promote a school, college or unit, it's recommended that the first step should be to contact University Television (UTV), Wayne State University's in-house video production department, housed within the Office of Marketing and Communications. In the event that UTV is unable to accommodate a request, the university has vetted four outside videographer/video editorial vendors and included them on Wayne State's preferred vendor list.

Vendor Contacts: Click the name of each vendor for their individual rate sheet

Tips for scheduling a successful videographer/video editorial vendor

1.  Schedule a videographer as early as possible

  • Visit for contact info/bios
  • First, contact is Arthur Lionas at UTV
  • If UTV is unable to accommodate your request, you'll be referred to one of the select vendors listed above based on your project requirements  
  • Follow up with a detailed email

2. Provide background information

  • Assignment: Project name
  • Location: Street address and room number
  • Time: Start/finish
  • Contact information: Name/desk and cellphone number(s)
  • Parking: Best structure or lot if on campus/where to park if off campus

3. Provide thorough assignment details

  • How will the video footage be used: websites, social media, live events, etc.?
  • Are there specific people/dignitaries who must be video recorded? Provide names and titles.
  • Is there a certain style you're looking for? Provide examples.
  • Is there a certain deadline/turnaround time for the capture and edit of the video?
  • Will any of the video content be restricted in use?
  • How will the video (raw footage or finished piece) be provided (electronically, hard drive, etc.)?

4. Create a purchase order 

  • WayneBuy, based on a half-day/full-day rate
  • Blanket POs for multiple shoots

5. Understand video distribution and storage details

  • The videographer will coordinate video delivery
  • MAC may request a copy of some or all of the content captured for storage

If you have additional questions, please contact Arthur Lionas, director of media content, at 313-577-8337.