Hiring: Senior Web Developer

Positions in the Web Developer family are responsible for the design, integration, and implementation of applications that will be published on the Web. Incumbents assist customers in the definition of user experience and departmental needs to acquire and create Web applications using university-supported technologies. This requires a sound knowledge of front-end and back-end Web components, accessibility requirements, and related optimizations. The focus of work is to implement Web solutions that use appropriate technologies to produce the optimal user experience on any device. 

Minimum qualifications

  • Experience collaborating throughout the entire project cycle, from research, strategy, information architecture, visual design, front-end development and maintenance. 
  • A solid grasp of modern front-end Web development, such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript and their associated build components. 
  • A solid grasp of back-end Web development environments, including HTTP, Web servers, load balancers, the interpretation layer, databases and associated Web frameworks. 
  • Considerable skill in writing web applications that retrieve and update information in relational Web-centric databases. 
  • The ability to clearly communicate to project stakeholders and process feedback internally and externally. 
  • The ability to troubleshoot website layout and Web application performance issues and resolve issues independently or direct issues to the responsible party. 
  • Provide direct supervision to internal Web site interns and guidance to unit Web site content authors. 
  • Ability to work with accuracy and attention to detail to meet deadlines. 
  • Ability to understand and execute oral and written instructions, policies, and procedures. 
  • Considerable project management skills, including ability to provide time estimates and prepare accurate records and reports. 
  • Proficiency in the use of Web applications programming languages, tools, and/or methodologies for developing integrated Web applications typically acquired through formal education or equivalent experience in Web application development. 
  • Demonstrated ability in analyzing customer requirements and developing basic information systems solutions typically acquired through one to two years of directly related experience in Web application development and support. 
  • The ability to translate functional requirements into cross-browser Web applications 
  • Strong understanding of Web technologies and related user device capabilities required to access the Web. 
  • Strong understanding of test driven development.  

Unique duties

They are responsible for all server-side interactions prior to being displayed to the end user. This includes but is not limited to load balancer, Web server, interpretation layer, database layer and associated frameworks. The incumbent is responsible for the creation and maintenance of database driven large-scale Web applications. 

  • The ability to translate functional requirements into cross-browser accessibility compliant (WCAG 2.1) websites 
  • Experience building web applications from scratch on the LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) stack 
  • Experience writing and maintaining web applications in a PHP framework such as Laravel, Symfony or Slim 
  • Experience building websites with frontend frameworks such as Tailwind, Foundation, VueJS and their related build systems 
  • Experience building websites/application in a virtual environment using VirtualBox, Vagrant or Docker  

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Note: This is an on-campus position in Detroit, MI. USA